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Welcome my site is dedicated to the farm tractors of yesteryear. Call these tractors what you like! Veterans …Vintage…Antique… or just plain old workhorses,that is up to you.

This is my website where I can talk about the old wheeled horses; the machines that served their owners faithfully for many a long year. These well known agriculture tractors can often be seen slowly rusting away out there, under a tree; or in some corner of a abandoned collapsing shed. Some of them are luckier then others; they command a better resting place,perhaps a dry shed with a cover over the exhaust and some rags stuffed up the air inlet pipes.

Some of us may even say "they" have had their day…that "they" are obsolete… better to leave them as they are? But people like you and I know better!

Think of the excitement of locating that prize you have been looking for all this time. Is it that little “Grey” Ferguson you remember with passion from your childhood? That little tractor must have been one of the first that had the safety feature, whereby if you were in a gear then you couldn`t actuate the starter motor.

Or is the prize a “sit up and beg” Fordson { that is what it was called when I was a lad} that was new when you helped out with the harvest in 1950? Or can you remember when you lay in your warm cosy bed, on a cold frosty moonlit night and could hear the thumping of the old Lanz, or was it the neighbours McDonald? as it was going around and around seeding for summer’s harvest!

Perhaps those days mean nothing to you? Perhaps your love for the “Chamberlain 40K” stems from the picture you have of your dad driving the old girl when he was a lad? Or perhaps you lost your heart to the “Cub” you saw at the local show, as many others did. It doesn’t matter why you are here, gazing at what I am writing... what matters is that you are here. You are reading this because you have an interest in tractors of yesteryear.

On the following pages of this website, I am going to talk about farm tractors used mainly from 1915 up until the late 1970`s; especially on farms here in Australia.

Most agriculture tractors of that time,that were used here in Oz came from the USA, or the UK. There were a few exceptions mainly from war torn Europe and just a few that were locally made.

One well known Australian company was "The Chamberlain tractor company from WA" It became well known for its "Champion" models. and famous for "Tail end Charlie".

Prior to WW2 most tractors in this country were of North American manufacture.Supplemented with notably The Ford or Fordson from Ireland or the UK.Although the German Lanz Bulldog made inroads within the wheat growing areas.

After WW2 Australia was swamped by numerous makes; you will read about some of them in later pages.Please feel free to absorb and enjoy.. Because I have some 60 years messing about with tractors and farm machinery, I have decide to open a help page, keep in touch to see how this will be working.

My manuals & books are in the main reprints of tractor workshop, service,operators manuals and tractor parts catalogues that come from a period ending in the 1970`s. Most are hard to find as an original, or if original are expensive & snapped up by collectors. I do not print these manuals for collectors to hoard, but so anyone can read how to repair and look after their own treasured tractor.

I have now well over 450 manuals & books on subjects related to the rural scene and farming.

You are now able to buy my products here on this website. Rest assured we guarantee you will receive what you buy, once paid for.

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