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Valmet tractor manuals 

1# THIS IS THE OPERATORs MANUAL FOR THE FOLLOWING VALTRA MODELS OF TRACTORs:.. T121C.. T131C.. T161T.. T171C.. T121H.. T131H.. T151EH.. T161H T171H.. T191H.....

2# Valtra 6000 & 8000 series tractor, covers the following models:6000- 6100- 6200- 6250- 6300- 6350- 6400- 6550- 6600- 6650- 6800- 6850- 6900-----8000- 8100- 8200- 8400- 8050- 8150- 8450- 8550- 8750- 8950- 6600e - 8750e........Sections in this manual are:General- Engine- Elec sys- Power transmission- brake sys- Steering sys- FRont axle- Frame- Wheels- Cab- Shields- Hydraulics.......

3# Valtra tractor parts catalog..... for the following models:6250Hi- 6350Hi- 6550Hi- 6650Hi- 6750Hi- 6850Hi- 8050Hi- 8150Hi- 8350Hi- 8450Hi- 8550Hi- 8950Hi-6250 Hi- 6350 Hi- 6550 Hi- 6650 Hi- 6750 Hi- 6850 Hi- 8050 Hi- 8150 Hi- 8350 Hi- 8450 Hi- 8550 Hi- 8950 Hi-

4# This is the parts catalog for the following tractors:Valtra....T121c- T121h- T131c- T131h- T151eh- T151eLS- T161c- T161h- T161LS- T171c- T171h- T171LS- T191h- T191LS-T121 c- T121 h- T131 c- T131 h- T151 eh -T151 eLS- T161 c- T161 h- T161 LS- T171 c- T171 h- T171L S- T191 h- T191 LS-

5# THIS IS THE OPERATORs MANUAL FOR THE FOLLOWING VALTA TRACTORS:...A75N- A85N- A95N- A75L- A85L- A95L- A-75N- A-85N- A-95N- A-75L- A-85L- A-95L- A 75 N- A 85 N- A 95 N-- A 75 L- A 85 L- A 95 L.........

6# the following are all workshop manuals you are buying just one... email me the model you want when you buy Valtra valmet 6300-6400-6550-6600-6600E 8550-8200c-6800--6850-6900-8000-8100-8100e-8150---8150e-8200-8400-8450-8450e-8750e wsm.

Note you are buying just one manual when you use the paypal button... email me with model  doolyoz@gmail.com when you buy.

au$35.00 each manual