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How to make a small cable tool drilling rig

cabletoolrigs-manual PLEASE NOTE... All manuals available as downloads. are when paid for manually uploaded...NOT AUTOMATICALLY. Manuals purchased within business hours Monday to Friday are uploaded within 4 hrs of payment. Manuals purchased on weekends or on holidays are uploaded on the following business day.

Australian buyers can pay by paypal with credit cards .. or direct bank deposit.If bank details are required email me for same doolyoz@gmail.com

Any problems with checkout... email me at doolyoz@gmail.com i can send you a paypal request payment email...if you are in Australia I can send you bank details to pay that way. ----------------------------------------------------------

How to make a small cabletool drill

This manual shows how to make a small cable tool drilling rig. Suited for drilling in unconsolidated strata to around the 50m depths. Can be made from other discarded machinery. Frame can be timber or metal... a handy book for anyone contemplating building a cable tool rig.

buy it here as a PDF file... $25.00

same rig side view.

top view

the basic engine with drive line... note the boy is not part of the package....

Once paid for, Paypal notifies me. I then send you the link to the downloa. This might take awhile... so please be patient. If in the event you have not recieved, bearing in mind I am in Australia email me doolyoz@gmail.com ... thank you.

Hi if you are buying or have bought... Your manual will come via the link (transferbigfiles) this link is often moved to your spam/trash etc ... and/or your anti virus program might say it contains a virus. I can assure you itr does not , so you might have to disable your anti virus to download, then re-enable the anti virus. NOTE also... The link will eventually expire, so make sure you download the PDF file and save it to your computer etc. In the event you have not received the link within say 6 hrs from you receiving this email... First check your spam-Trash-bin etc , if not there contact me... regards barriosbooksales