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Make and use your own groundwater finder,

Trying to find a supply of water beneath the ground, has for a long time been the aim of countless thousands of people around the globe.....

Water divining has been with us since ancient times and I am not going to go into the ins and outs of whether it works or not...All I have to say in respect of water diviners is I have yet to come across any that will guarantee their findings to the extent of paying for a well or bore that is dry, that they divined... Enough said.....

With my method of finding useable groundwater I use to guarantee a water supply if drilled where I wanted to drill and if the bore was dry I would make no charge for drilling it. This was in Fiji back in the `80’s I have not drilled any waterbores since 1989 but drilled many from 1956 up until that time, so have a fair idea of where to sink a waterbore....

Yes I know there are companies out there now who have remarkable success using seismic and electro resistivity methods... but overall they are of no help to someone who has very little money.....

My book tells you how to make and use a method that will help you to determine where to sink a well or a waterbore... sadly it will only tell you if there is water and roughly at what depth, but it will not tell you how much water.

The cost of the equipment will be around the au$50.00 mark ... and much less if most can be found secondhand...

I found it worked best to depths of around 30M And was still useable as a siteing tool to depths of 90M....

The system is simple ... you can just buy the manual and put together yourself the equipment needed ... this manual is available in paper format... or on a cd... or can be downloaded. Or you can buy the manual with the equipment that is needed A firm price for this can be given if you contact me first.

It takes some time to understand the feedback from this equipment and the best way is to use it over a lot of terrain until you understand how it works... I do not guarantee that you will find water... but I can assure you that once you have grasped the meaning of your readout you will soon work out the most likely place to find water... Email me if you are interested or buy the manual here in paper format....$40.00 includes postage...available only within Australia

or on a CD or as a download $30.00 includes delivery worldwide