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I have recovered from the virus

Hospitalized from 28 april to very recent , over 10 weeks in hospital so bear with me... I have sent many manuals to those who purchased, some buyers need to tell me what manual they require as the description is vague... I can but only apologize for those who eventually got a refund.

For that 10 weeks in isolation I had no access to my computer, so could not help .All buyers who never got their manual please email me at I will either send the manual or a refund

NOTE... After buying , PayPal will notify me that you have paid... I will then send you the link by transfernow... This is not AUTOMATIC... it will often take some time before I get the message... thank you tractor manuals downunder 

Fiat tractor manuals available as download PDF files

Above the crawler AD7 also known as the 70CI

Tractor manuals downunder . com for all your Fiat tractor manuals.

Digitised Fiat tractor manuals only sent manually to your given EMAIL address All manuals are reprints of Fiat tractor manuals...

PLEASE NOTE... All manuals available as downloads. are when paid for manually uploaded...NOT AUTOMATICALLY. Manuals purchased within business hours Monday to Friday are uploaded within 4 hrs of payment. Manuals purchased on weekends or on holidays are uploaded on the following business day.

Hi if you are buying or have bought... Your manual will come via the link (transferbigfiles) this link is often moved to your spam/trash etc ... and/or your anti virus program might say it contains a virus. I can assure you itr does not , so you might have to disable your anti virus to download, then re-enable the anti virus. NOTE also... The link will eventually expire, so make sure you download the PDF file and save it to your computer etc. In the event you have not received the link within say 6 hrs from you receiving this email... First check your spam-Trash-bin etc , if not there contact me... regards barriosbooksales

Please note ....when buying you are only buying one of these manuals for the stated price. If you want to buy other manuals then you must buy individually.
Each manual has a number such as 01 or perhaps 032 and so on ... quote this number when buying. Along with your email address This is very important send number or manual you purchased to this email address ...
All manuals are only available as a download , which will be sent to your quoted email address as a pdf file.. within 12 hrs of buying... NOTE the download is not automatic , but sent manually on receipt of payment. Usually within an hour but due to time differences’ can be up to 12 hours.
I guarantee you will receive what you pay for
Payment is in AU dollars .only via paypal.....ALL MANUALS ARE THE SAME PRICE au$35.00.............

Fiat tractor manuals to download

01.Fiat 980 Note this is a copy of an original handbook. Covers both the FIAT 980 & the 980DT tractors.....50 pages with maintenance and specs..

02,Fiat 250 engine shop manual Note a reprint of an original...Note only covers the engine....Manual has 144 pages covering the operation and maintenance,

03.Fiat The manual covers both four & two cylinder engines that are in models 550-555-250-255 tractors. a full service manual for all parts of these engines fitted to above tractors..,....NOTE ENGINES ONLY 142 pages

04.Fiat 1000 -900This manual covers full servicing of the fiat 1000-900 tractor. 240 pages

05.Fiat 513r A full service manual for the Fiat 513R. note this is a copy of an original....................WORTH NOTING THIS MANUAL CAN BE USED WHEN WORKING ON A FIAT 615 TRACTOR... the fiat 615 is based on this fiat 513r

06.Fiat 411r original of this manual is rare.....Service manual has 105 pages

07.Fiat 1300 This manual covers full servicing of the fiat 1300 tractor

08.Fiat 480-480dt..500-500dt..540-540dt..640-540dt,,This manual covers full servicing of the above fiat tractors

08B Fiat 480 thru to 640...only covers the Hydraulics 3pl a full repair manual ...has 24 pages adjust and repair your 3pl ... 24 pages.

09.Fiat 615 This manual covers full operations & maintenance of the fiat 615 tractor.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WORTH NOTING THE FIAT 513r WORKSHOP MANUAL CAN BE USED WHEN WORKING ON THE FIAT 615 TRACTOR

010.Fiat 615 This manual covers parts catalogue of the fiat 615 tractor

011.Fiat 100-900-800-850 this manual covers full servicing of the fiat 100-900-800-850 tractors

012.Fiat 640 operators This is a reprint of an original manual... contains 32 pages on operation and maintenance

013.Fiat Tractor 450, 450dt, 450 Special, 450DT Special Workshop Service Manual.

014.Fiat 780-780DT-880-880DT- workshop manual

015.Fiat 55-66 60-66 65-66 70-66 80-66 workshop manual includes DT models 230 pages a complete manual...Note tractors 466 thru to 766 are superseded by this manual . 

016.Fiat 415 series workshop manual...

017.Fiat 411RB This Instruction manual covers maintenance/servicing for the Fiat 411RB tractor there are 45 pages

018.Fiat 115-90 etc...this workshop manual covers in great detail the following fiat tractors......115-90....and the following turbo charged models...130-90...140-90....160-90....180-90....

019.Fiat 55-90 ...60-90.....70-90....80-90....90-90... 100-90 workshop manual.................... a large manual covers all above tractors with 4-5- & 6 cyl engines...

020.Fiat AD7 This manual covers in full repairing etc of the Fiat AD7 crawler tractor.

021.Fiat 1300 handbook...This manual covers in full operating and maintenance of the Fiat 1300 tractor
022.Fiat Tractor 1300 Super & 1300DT Operators Manual

FIAT/ALLIS These manuals cover in full repairing etc of the Fiat/Allis tractors 023.F1175 w/shop..
024.F1145 w/shop








032..FR130-FR130.2. .

.033.FR120-FR120.2. .

034..FX310.. .

035.FX350-FX3501c.. .

036.FX480-FX4801c. .
037.FX200-FX2001c. .
038..FX600-FX6001c.. .

039.FX210-FX2101c. .

040..FX240-FX2401c.. .
041.FX250.. .


043.70-FX2701c... .

044.FT110 backhoe.. .

045.FiatAllis FD145 Crawler Dozer operators maintenance Manual

046. FiatAllis FD145 Crawler Dozer workshop Manual

047. Fiatallis Fl145 Crawler Loader operators maintenance Manual

048.Fiatallis F1145 Loader workshop manual

049.Fiatallis Fl175 Crawler Loader Operation Maintenance Manual

050.Fiatallis Fl175 Crawler Loader workshop Manual

051.Fiatallis Fd195 Fd195l Crawler Dozer operator Maintenance Manual

052.Fiatallis Fd195 Fd195l Crawler Dozer workshop Manual

053.Fiatallis Fd255 Crawler Dozer Operation Maintenance Manual

054.Fiatallis Fd255 Crawler Dozer workshop Manual

055.Fiatallis Fd80 Crawler Dozer Operation Maintenance Manual

056. Fiatallis Fd80 Crawler Dozer workshop Manual

057.fiatallis D14 D15 D15 Series Ii D17 D17 Series Iii D17 Series Iv Tractor Workshop manual.

058.fiatallis. D14 D-14 Tractor FACTORY DEALER  Workshop Manual

059.Fiatallis.D14 D-14 Tractor FACTORY DEALER Parts catalog 

060. Fiat 615 workshop manual.

061 Fiat 1380/1380 DT-series parts manual

062. Fiat 1180/1180 DT parts catalog

063. Fiat 505C crawler spare parts catalog *

064. Fiat 505C Super parts catalog, with the maintenance chart for a Fiat 505C crawler. * 655c  Parts catalog...

066. Fiat 1000 - super-superDT operators manual note this is a reprint of the original. has 42 pages.

067 Fiat 45-66 operators manual 87 pages

068 Fiat 45-66 wsm  has 88 pages

069 Fiat 1380 + DT parts catalog*

070 Fiat 1180 parts catalog*

071 Fiat 880DT parts catalog

072 Fiat 70-66HC/80-66HC+DT  operators manual

Each manual is a pdf file you download.


Make sure you quote the number and its name of the manual when buying and send it to ...So I can send you the right manual.

Fiat tractor operators manuals

The following Fiat tractor operators manuals might be available as downloads... email

 to find out....

fiat tractor owner/operator manuals ....


Fiat 540 parts catalog

Fiat 540 parts catalog has 330 pages. buy here only in pdf format au$32.00

Fiat Parts catalog for 540 & 540DT tractors

This manual covers both 2 and 4WD tractors.  Types S-F-VS pages over 500... Buy here in pdf format only... au$38.00

Fiat 45-66V to 80-66F plus DT`s wsm

Fiat wsm for the 45-66V..55-66V..60-66F..70-66F..80-66F plus all DT`s

Manual 55 pages only available as a pdf file au $30.00

Fiat 55-66 thru to 80-66 plus all DT`s wsm

Fiat manual for these tractors ...55-66..60-66..65=66..70-66..70-66..80-66  A wsm of 118 pages . Available here only as a pdf file AU $35.00

Fiat 55-66LP  thru to 70-66LP wsm

Fiat WSM for the tractors 55-66LP..60-66LP..70-66LP plus the DT`s

44 pages only available as a pdf file au$30

Fiat 45-66 operators manual (ITALIAN)

Operators manual for the 45.66 ONLY IN ITALIAN

only as a pdf download au $30  pages 77

Fiat 1180, 1280, 1380, 1580, 1880 Tractor Service Manual (180, 1280)..j

Fiat 1180, 1280, 1380, 1580, 1880 Tractor Service Manual (180, 1280) ...manual has 380 pages aprox:

buy here in pdf format au $65.00


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Always look up tractor manuals downunder for your tractor  manual needs to contact me...

Buyers please note,be aware that Telstra Bigpond email addresses 

 very often are not up to passing on large files.

 If you want to be sure of getting your manual files

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NOTE... After buying , PayPal will notify me that you have paid... I will then send you the link by transfernow... This is not AUTOMATIC... it will often take some time before I get the message... thank you tractor manuals downunder