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  International, Mccormick, Farmall, tractors downloads to download

tractor manuals for all your IHC, Farmall, McCormick tractor manuals.

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International, Mccormick, Farmall, tractors downloads

01.International 1466. handbook for the International tractor 1466 100 pages

02.Inter 434. covers repairing etc of the 434 tractor  290 pages

02A.Inter 434 service manual  has 106 pages 

03.Inter 4366. operators manual for the International 4366 tractor... has 50 pages
04. International 4366 tractor parts catalogue… book of 100 pages

05. International service / workshop manual for diesel engines fitted to the crawler tractors.14,18, 20 series and the Inter engines 14, 18,691 on other equipment.This manual only covers the engines and accessories. Not the rest of the tractor.Attached are detailed service charts for tractors/power plant engines. 18,18A,181,182,20 {200 series}.14,14A,141 & 142 series. These diesel engines are the type that start as petrol engines, then run as diesels and covers both the coil ignition and the magneto type.a handy manual for any Inter engine that starts on petrol & runs on diesel

06.Inter 4166 This manual is a IHC manual printed in America 1976.There are 70 pages on operating & maintenance

07.McCormick super AWD6 .Covers in detail training/ servicing of this tractor

08.McCormick 523 covers the 523 fitted with the DD-179 engine 55 pages of operating, maintenance and adjustment

09. International 523-624 parts catalogue....270 pages

10. International 523-624 Hydraulics workshop manual is a copy of the original... has 54 pages covering in full the hydraulics as fitted to these tractors. Note only Hydraulics are covered.

11. International 523-624 Transmission workshop manual... has 90 pages covering in full the transmissions as fitted to these tractors. Note only transmissions are covered.

12. International 523-624 Engine workshop manual... has 120 pages covering in full the transmissions as fitted to these tractors. Note only Engines D155-179 are covered.

13. International BD 144-154 and the BC 144 engine workshop manual pages 120.... covers in full repairs etc for these engines... NOTE only engines.

14. McCormick CX series electrical`s workshop manual........contains 130 pages on just the wiring and electrical components on these tractors.

15.Farmall Cub-Cublo-Boy service manual .Covers in detail servicing of these tractors .Plus has a attachment section and interesting advertising

16.Inter A40-2 diesel superloader operators manual.. .contains 55 pages on operating & maintenance of this loader,

17. Farmall & international tractors fitted with the diesel engines. this manual covers fuel systems for the Diesel engine models D-236,D-282,D-301 engines. Note fuel systems only

18.Inter 726 combine harvester manual. this manual covers the operations of the header harvester 726 contains 77 pages for the operation of this header

19.International. This operators manual covers all IHC five models as 454 - 474 - 475 - 575 -674 contains 130 pages

20.Inter 454-474-475-574-674 operators manual This operations manual covers operating maintenance & adjustments to these tractors, it is not a workshop manual

21. International Harvester Engines 454 474 475 574 674 -- 2400 2500 Full Workshop manual Every aspect of service and repair for International Harvester Engines Note this repair manual covers engines only.

22. McCormick tractors operators manual.for tractors asMC95-105-115-120power6-135power6...pages 316...a large manual for an operators manual....Covers in great detail these tractors

23.McCormick Engine workshop manual for the mc 1000 naturally aspirated 4 cyl engine The turbo charged 4 cyl and 6 cyl ....pages 288.... engine only.

24. McCormick Workshop manual for the mc 1100 engine 4cyl tier 2 engines contains pages 264

25.McCormick tractor 1100 engine workshop manual. workshop 1100 engine turbo charges 6cyl tier2 engines.....pages 290

26. for the repairs etc on these engines all International diesel engines D155-D179-D246-D286-D239-D358-D268-D310-DT402-DT239-DT358 Over 100 pages... only on the engines.

27.McCormick. Workshop manual for the MC tractors 95-105-115-120power6-135power6 Electrical trouble shooting for the above mc tractors 250 pages...note electrics only

28. Farmall parts catalog for years from 1947 up to 1954 Covers the Super A,Av,A-1,AV-1

29.Farmall Super W6-WD6 this parts catalog has 300 pages covering in full all parts of these two tractors..... lists with exploded illustrations.

30.Mccormick This is an operators manual for the W6 tractor. operations with maintenance and adjustments

31.International This manual contains 90 pages that cover in detail the servicing of the following tractors......A-B-C-MTA-H-M-MD-cub MTAD-4-6-D6 W6TA-W6TAD-9-D9......All petrol,kero lpg, & diesel engines are covered.

32. International Harvester BTD - 6 Crawler Tractor Manual Operators manual with service information....The contents cover...Maintenance-Electrical Systems-Wiring Diagrams-Engine Maintenance and Adjustments-Clutch-Fuel Systems-Lubrication-Steering-Brakes and Systems-Track Maintenance-Trouble Shooting Mechanical and electrical-Storage and Re Starting after storage-

33. Inter B250-B275 service manual This manual has 62 pages of very useful information for servicing these tractors...For major repairs to the tractors engines look elsewhere on the website for the B-144 engine manual.

34. McCormick parts catalogue has 470 pages That covers the tractors W6-WD6- The 06-0s6-and the od6 tractors

35. McCormick Deering W-6 Tractor Operators manual... for the earlier models....has 82 pages

36. McCormick Super W-6 Tractor Operators manual, Serial numbers 3952 and up. 98 pages

37.McCormick C-264 Engine Service for Super M-TA and Super W6-TA Tractors, 44 pgs. Note only covers the engine,

38. McCormick WD-6 Tractor Operators manual, 65 pages.

39. International 4-cylinder Diesel Engine Service Manual for 6, 6A, 264, 281, 9, 9A, 350 and 370 Series, 182 pages.

40. McCormick Deering W-9, WR-9 Tractor Operators manual, 90 pages.

41. .McCormick 9 Series Tractors & Power Unit Service Manual; Includes W-9, WD-9,WR-9, WDR-9, T-9, TD-9, I-9, ID-9, U-9 and UD-9, Engine & Chassis Service, 132 pages

42. McCormick WR-9S, Super WD-9, Super WDR-9 Tractor Parts Catalog, 330 pg

43. McCormick B100 parts catalog

44. BTD6 & TD8 workshop manual.155 pages.

45.IH Farmall 4 Series Tractors & Power Unit Service Manual - I4 (I-4) Industrial Tractor - IU4 (IU-4) Power Unit - O4 (O-4) Standard & Grove Tractors - OS4 (OS-4) Orchard Tractor - U4 (U-4) Power Unit - W4 (W-4) Standard Tractor - Super W4 Tractor

46.IH Farmall 4 Series Tractors & Power Unit workshop Manual covers the following units... (I-4) Industrial Tractor IU4 (IU-4) Power Unit - (O-4) Standard & Grove Tractors (OS-4) Orchard Tractor - (U-4) Power Unit -(W-4) Standard Tractor - Super W4 Tractor .

47.Inter 766-726-966-1026-1066 wsm 110 pages

48. Inter case 630-640 wsm

49. Inter Case 630 parts catalog.

50. McCormick A-554 diesel-Kero operators manual 110 pages.

51. McCormick A-554 diesel-kero parts catalog 100 pages.

52. Inter. 786-886-986-1086 service repair manual... not a full workshop manual 98 pages

53. McCormick International B-414 Tractor parts catalogue.

54. IH B-250/B-275 tractors operators manual

55. IH 434 operators manual.. 90 pages t

56. International 434 parts catalogue 100 pages t

57. IH B-275 Parts Catalogue 

58. IH B275/B414/354/364/384/424/444/2424/2444 WSM *

59# IH BC 144-BD144A-BD154 engine manual.

60.McCormick A-554 diesel-kero shop manual over 250 pages

61. IHC 140 operators manual... 90 pages

62. Inter 554 fuel systems wsm.

63.Inter 554. engine manual 

64. Farmall F-20 instructions... 86 pages

65.Farmall F-14 instructions ...50 pages

66# Hough payloader H30 parts catalog .103 pages.

67# Hough payloader H50 parts catalog pages 113.

68# Farmall F12-F14 parts catalog 214 pages.

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International 3388 through to 6788
special small wsm`s

The following  small wsm manuals are available for those , who just want to repair or search a certain part of the IHC tractors 3388-3588-3788-6388=6588-6788.

Each manual  is a wsm ... all are the same price and only available to download as pdf files au $28.00 each.

1# Splitting all sections of the tractor. pages 67.

2# Front axle . 29 pages

3# Steering 24 pages

4# Electrical s 39 pagews.

5# Clutch  14 pages.

6#  Transmissions 95 pages.

7# Rear axle and housing  55 pages.

8# Brakes  13 pages 

9# Hydraulics  131 pages 

10# Independent pto unit  34 pages

Always let me know which manual you bought

Buy here only as a pdf download au$28.00

IHC D361-407 engine wsm

IHC D361-407 engine wsm covers engines and roosa fuel pumps buy here only as a pdf download au$46.00

IHC WD40 service manual

mccormick Farmall WD 40 service manual , has aprox 110 pages on servicing this here au$40

IHC TD15B wsm chassis

IHC TD15B Chassis wsm... does not cover engines or fuel systems separate manual covers these.

buy here as a pdf download only. au $46.00

Below TD18 steering etc

TD 14-18 Clutches WSM

This manual covers the main clutch and the steering clutches plus the brakes on tractors from 1938 to 1958... Could be used as reference for later tractors and/or other series?

This is a full wsm on just the Main clutch and steering clutches with brakes .Nothing else Dismantling, repairs adh\justment ect. has 82 pages... Buy here as a pdf file to download only au$32

IHC TD9 chassis wsm

IHC TD9 chassis wsm

Note this manual does not cover the engine.

Buy only as a PDF download. NOT AVAILABLE IN PAPER OR ON A CD


IHC TD9 parts catalog

IHC TD9 parts catalog

Covers all of the tractor... This is a PDF download .

buy here au$40.00

Inter D206-D239 engines parts manual

Inter mccormick D206 and D239 engines parts manual in english/german... over 100 pages. buy here in pdf format only... au $35.00

international, Mccormick, Farmall, tractors downloads

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