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I have recovered from the virus

Hospitalized from 28 april to very recent , over 10 weeks in hospital so bear with me... I have sent many manuals to those who purchased, some buyers need to tell me what manual they require as the description is vague... I can but only apologize for those who eventually got a refund.

For that 10 weeks in isolation I had no access to my computer, so could not help .All buyers who never got their manual please email me at I will either send the manual or a refund

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tractor manuals downunder for Don`s old tractor blog

This is the place where we can talk about the tractors of yesteryear.

Let`s say from around 1920, up until computers sort of stuffed up the back yard budding tractor mechanics.Sad really cos there is a lot of satisfaction in getting an old tractor to run better, or even to run at all.

So we are looking at tractors that looked like this one below to start with.

Then moving on to tractors like this one 

and on bit more.

Finishing up with something around 1998

The above tractor just starting to get into computerized stuff, that needs a nerd technician, who most times want to discard the offending part and replace with a new part, so really no longer a mechanic.

We will also discuss machinery that belongs to this same era , like  balers,chain-saws,Stationery engine,Headers, and so on.Not forgetting the manuals that are needed to  work on any of this machinery.

So  anyone who wishes to contribute, can do so by my antiquated method... the method solves many problems associated with later methods used on forums. send your questions ,answers, and queries to

...Note any questions etc must be about tractors and other farm machinery in the period 1920-1999 or thereabouts... serious stuff please... no profanity... no making fun of other contributers... I hope to hear from many people.

Tractor manuals is the place to buy your digitized manuals

Just a bit about the Fordson E27N tractor.

I have always had a soft spot for what we use to call the sit up and beg fordson. this was the first Fordson Major 1945, with the unlikely title  the E27n... Such was based on the fordson N , but had many improvements such as a pto and 3 piont linkage .

Why the soft spot ? Well it was the tractor I got my tractor driving lincense on in 1949 back in the UK and was the tractor I operated  on my first job after school.

It is remarkable how many still exist in working order... The engine was as crude as they come  in the petrol starting kerosene  model. A 4 cylinder side valve engine with 3 main bearings, babbit bearings, block cast iron as were pistons, non adjustable valves(file the ends to get clearance), splash oil system, yet it lasted , perhaps because of it so low compression  ratio... compression was for the kero models 4.35:1 and for the industrial type that just used petrol it was 5.5:1 . When you look at those figures a modern engine would hardly run at all.

Back in 1949  3 point linkage was a much sort after accessory ... Ford more or less pinched the idea off Harry Fergusson who was the inventor... a court case finally settled the argument. What a pleasent surprise it was to be able to carry the plough aloft .

Although I remember the drive for the hydraulic pump(3pl) left a lot to be desired.

In the uk this tractor really took on , they came in many variations , one type had a high gear  about 12mph Then there was the model with a Perkins P6 engine, that did away with the cranky crank handle. Cranky for sure if you forgot to retard the spark  or have your thumb under instead of over the handle top.

Like all kerosene engines the E27N  was really only good when it had the radiator boiling.

Here in Australia it would not have taken off so well , HP was limited  and farms were so much bigger, but it did find many homes  on smaller farms and there are a lot of them still around, Other then the fuel tank they didnt rust being mainly cast iron ... But by 1952 we saw the last of some 1,216,990  of these great little tractors made.

below is a picture giving the reader an idea of what the engine is like.

Heres a snippet that will interest Chamberlain tractor enthusiasts. 

Champion Crusader and Canelander., Both these models were built for the sugar industry in Queensland. They are high clearance versions of the 9G... So to work on them etc just use the 9g manuals...

The loader (back to front Champion 9G) the "Commando "

Some wonder how this  tractor still ended with 9 forwards and 1 reverse? Simple turn the crown-wheel the other way round...To work on them use the 9g manuals.

The "Chieftain" loader was  the conventional type


As can be seen above the Crusader was  more or less the same as the 9G  

The place to talk about yesterdays tractors


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The place to just stop and think of the days now gone.

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