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above a Wisconsin Vee 4 petrol engine

diesel  gasolene engines

Perkins engines....a brief overview. Frank Perkins founder and namesake of the Perkins engine company. While employed in Rochester Kent, Frank Perkins started to develop a light high-speed diesel engine with an engine designer whose name was Charles Chapman. Frank Perkins set up a private company on 7th June 1932. Charles Chapman became the Technical and set about developing their first engine, which was the Vixen, from a small workshop in Peterborough. In 1937 the P6 engine was designed and within a few months was for sale. This engine developed 83bhp at 2400 rpm. By 1938 the engine range included engines with names as Wolf, Lynx, Leopard I and II engines these were for vehicle, industrial, marine and agricultural use, many of these engines were used by the British during WW2. The P6 was the diesel engine that gained Perkins his early reputation. The R6 was a “DOG’ for want of a better word: It was popular for a couple of years 9early 1950`s in Australia fitted to trucks such as Internationals & Dodge… sadly it would throw a con-rod, if you changed down going down hill. Worth noting is there is very little history concerning the R6! The 6.354 restored the Company's image following the R6 messup and provided the foundation for future growth through the 1960s and 1970s. The serious problems with the R6 had left Perkins without an engine for medium trucks to 6 ton. The 6.354 engine resulted in versions to power trucks, tractors, industrial and marine equipment. The rating moved to 120 BHP at 2800 RPM, Then to 150BHP whilst turbocharged versions (designated T6.354) were developed quickly for MF tractors, marine and industrial applications. Perkins had established a leading position by the late 1960s. • Here are the options of that time 6.3541, 6.354, 6.372, 6.3721, 6.306, T6.3543 The late 1970s,saw a major redesign of the cylinder block and head, plus many other changes ,resulting in the 6.3544 and T6.3544 . These two replaced all other versions. The 6.354 was not restricted just to the Uk . it was also manufactured in, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Peru, South Africa, Brazil and the USA. By 1985, the 6.354 was succeeded by the new 1000 Series. This was designed around the same basic 1 litre per cylinder concept but with radical changes to achieve tighter emissions standards.


We have workshop manuals that cover lombardini engines.

series IM.

Also series LDA 75-80-80 sin-450-450 sin-451-451 sin-510-91-96-97-100-820-672-673-674-832-833-834.

Series L6-8-10-1427-40-54.

Series 710-720-723-725.

Each manual has text written in English -Italian-German-French & Spanish. These manuals are reprinted publications and go into great

for price etc


This parts catalogue is a reprint of an original. covers the lister engines ST & STMA series.

There are some 100 pages of lists and exploded illustration.

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barrios booksales have an instruction manual with parts catalogue for the lister start-o-matic

 for prices etc

Roosa DB fuel pump instruction manual

Roosa DB fuel injection pump instruction manual.... Note this manual only covers the DB series. about 50 pages

buy here au $22.00

Gardener L series engine service manual.

Workshop Manual.for the Gardener L series engines.

The Workshop Manual is the same as the manual given to official dealer's workshops, it contains detailed instructions and step by step diagrams for all workshop procedures, everything from changing the oil to rebuilding the engine, as well as electrical diagrams, torque settings, fluid capacities, etc. This manual is only available as a download email me

buy here au $45.00

Wisconsin V4 parts catalog

for the VG4D engine ... manual has 40 pages only available in pdf format to download .


Continental F162 engine parts catalog

ngine was fitted to JD tractors amongst others 

only available as a pdf file to download .50 pages


NOTE... After buying , PayPal will notify me that you have paid... I will then send you the link by transfernow... This is not AUTOMATIC... it will often take some time before I get the message... thank you tractor manuals downunder

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