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 Landini tractor manuals to download .

Tractor manuals downunder is the website to purchase all of your Landini tractor manuals 

Once paid for, Paypal notifies me. I then send you the link to the downloa. This might take awhile... so please be patient. If in the event you have not recieved, bearing in mind I am in Australia email me

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1# Landini Vision 80-90-100 Transmission workshop manual. This full repair manual has aprox 200 pages Covers 5 speed- power five- power shuttle- clutch-4wd-diff-final drives- front axle.... NOTE nothing else. 

2# Landini vision 80-90-100 Hydraulics workshop manual This is a full repair type manual, that covers all of the hydraulics associated with these tractors 200 pages

3# Landini vision 80-90-100 pto-powerlift etc workshop manual covers ....PTO- front PTO-Mechanical power lift-Electronic powerlift-Front powerlift.... a ful repair manual of 200 pages.

4# Landini Vision 80-90-100 Air conditioning workshop manual 100 pages how to charge- recharge- wiring etc

5# This is the OEM Landini Powerfarm 60-65-75-85-95-105 tractors Operation and maintenance manual..

6# Landini Crawler Tractor Trekker 55 60 75 85 95 (C - CF) Operators Manual

7# Landini Tractor 125TDI 135TDI 145TDI 165TDI 185TDI Operators Manual  

8# Landini Tractor 5530F 5530L 6530F 6530L 7530F 7530L 8530F 8530L Operators Manual ....110 pages aprox

9# Landini Tractor 5860 6060 6860 7860 8860 Workshop Manual

10# Landini Tractor 6550 7550 8550 Operators Manual

11# Landini Tractor 68600 7880 8880 9080 9880 Service Workshop Manual

12# landini Tractor Advantage Series 55 60 65 75 85 / Versions GE - F - L - GT Operators Manual

13# Landini Tractor Discovery Multitrac 65 85 & Climber 65 85 Operators Manual

14# Landini McCormick Series F 60 70 80 75 85 95 105 GE-XL wsm. 

15# Landini Tractor Globus 50 60 70 Service Training Manual

16# Landini Tractor Globus 50 60 70 Service Workshop Manual

17# Landini Tractor Legend 105 115 130 145 165 Workshop Service Training Manual

18# Landini Tractor Rex 70GT 80GT 90F 90GT 100F 100GT Deltashift Service Training Manual....not a full w/shop

19# Landini Tractor Vision Parts Manual... series not known but perhaps could be used to see how parts are assembled etc for most vision tractors

20# Landini Legend operators manual  160 pages

21# Landini Mistral America 40-45-50 training wsm 

22# Landini  Advantage 55-60-65-75-85-gs-f-i-gt service manual

23# Landini Agricultural with telescoping linkage  239 pages wsm.

24#Landini Powerlift 45x9x30 230 wsm ITALIAN LANGUAGE.

25# Landini Power Master 180-200-220  covers hitch-pto-MFD- Difflock with electronic controller wsm 80 pages.

26# Landini 6500 parts catalog .has 230 pages.

You are buying one only of the above manuals each time you use the paypal button... email me when you buy as to which manual you require here au$35.00

I have many Landini tractor manual, so if yours is not listed email me I may have it

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Each manual is au $35 email me the number of the manual you want

Once paid for, Paypal notifies me. I then send you the link to the downloa. This might take awhile... so please be patient. If in the event you have not recieved, bearing in mind I am in Australia email me ... thank you.

Landini Training wsm`s to download

1# Mistral 40-45-50 training/wsm  has 450 pages.

2#Trekker compact Training/wsm has 250 pages covers 60F-70F tractors

3#Legend Delta6 wsm 300 pages.

4# Globus (early series) 55-65-75 training/wsm has 550 pages

5# Landini GX 40-45-50 training/wsm has 450 pages

6# Mythos (early series) 90-100-110 training/wsm has 900 pages.

7# Rex 60-70-80-75-85-95-105 training/wsm  has 1250 pages.

8# Atlantis 70-75-80-85-90-100 with Ghibli 80-90-100 training/wsm has 720 pages

9# Evolution series 60 training/wsm for 5860-7860-6860-8860 has 470 pages.

10# Powerfarm 60-65-75-85-95-105 & Powershuttle 75-85-95-105 training/wsm has 1110 pages.

11# Landini series F ..F60-70-8075-85-95-105-GE-KL training/wsm has 920 pages.

12# Vision 80-90-100 training/wsm has 1140 pages.

13# Trekker 70-80-90-100 -C-CF-CFL  training/wsm has 450 pages.

14# Globus 55-65-80 training/wsm has 600 pages.

15# Rex 60-65-70-80-V60-70-80-90-100-GE-F-L-GT training /wsm has 700 pages 

16# Legend 125-135-145-165-185-Techno-top-Top tronic  training/wsm has 1150 pages.

17# Landini Blizzard- 50-60-65-75-85-95-5860-6060-6860-7860-8860-6880-7880-8880-9880-9080   manual has over 300 pages a full workshop manual.

Note all these manuals are only available to download as pdf files.

You are buying only one manual each time you use the paypal button....

After purchasing please email me at

  state the manuals number and description , so you receive the correct manual.

Note also many of these manuals are very big and come in numerous pdf files that you can join back up if you so wish.

Each manual as a pdf file you download is au$42.00

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Landini technofarm..60-70-75-80 shop manual

Landini technofarm..60-70-75-80 shop manual over 900 pages  covers repairs and operations.... only available in pdf format... NOTE some photographs are missing and some are distorted... All text and illustrations are in good condition... au$45.00